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Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic

Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic

3354 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, R3R 0C5
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Certified Custom Orthotics Practitioner in East St Paul, MB
Service Description

Is foot pain interferes with your daily activities? Do you feel pain in your feet or your knees while walking or running, while standing for long periods, or while playing sports?  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you may need custom orthotics. 

Painful foot conditions are a warning sign and can also lead to injuries higher in the leg, knee, hip or low back. A vicious painful cycle can begin. For example, if you ever had a blister on the bottom of your foot, you know that you try not to put pressure on it. You will change the angle of your foot when you walk and soon your knee or hip hurts because you are compensating for the pain. Your feet are the foundation of your body.

The Footmaxx ™ step and pressure analysis system provides a valuable tool for the physiotherapist to check how you stand, walk or run. It gives the physiotherapist information that cannot be seen with the eye or felt with a trained hand. It is not meant to be a substitute for a thorough physical exam. It is similar to how a MRI may help a physician to further diagnose a problem. A physiotherapist can then make a very informed judgement about whether custom foot orthotics may be required as part of your treatment. It is also used to understand what prescription is required for an orthotic. The Footmaxx ™ system is used in addition to many other methods that physiotherapists are trained in and to help better understand the problem.

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Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic

3354 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3R 0C5
Meet Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic - custom orthotic clinic

Corydon Physiotherapy is pain therapy and management clinic located at 3354 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our certified healthcare professionals will work with you, offering a number of pain healing treatments including custom foot orthotics, physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and much more.

Founded in 1979, we’ve been on the forefront of effective pain solutions for 35+ years. In 1987 we moved to our current 3100 sq. ft. in order to serve our patients better.

Our certified physiotherapists and health staff will make sure your treatment plan is designed specifically for your unique needs. We use a combination of solutions to help you heal in the best way possible.

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Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic

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